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More pride, more accomplishment,

and more success!

Creating A Craftsman is a 30-day program designed to release the craftsman in you - the one who accomplishes more than he ever imagined possible.

Creating A Craftsman

A 30-day program to develop your body,

your mind, and your attitude.

Are you ready to take the tiger by the tail? Are you ready to make this world what you always wanted it to be? Then let's get after it. . .

Have you ever wanted to . . . ?

Learn a new skill

It takes discipline and commitment!!

Finish those unfinished projects

There's a reason they are not done yet. Let's change that!

Improve the quality of your work

Become a consummate craftsman!

Start your own business

There is no stopping you! You can do it!

Have more money

It's right under your nose - literally! I'll show you how to find it!

Have more stamina

Commitment and discipline; commitment and discipline.

What in the world is Creating A Craftsman?

Hello, my name is Ken Matesz.  I’m the author of the Creating A Craftsman blog as well as the book by the same name. . .

. . . And I want you to be a craftsman.  Not just the average guy who shows up to do his job every day, but a real craftsman.  And not just a craftsman at your work, but a craftsman of your whole life.

Being a craftsman takes discipline, pride, and ability.

It takes effort, commitment, and determination.

. . .  And a lot of people are short on some of these traits – especially discipline.

That’s why I designed the Creating A Craftsman program.  It is 30-day program designed to jumpstart the craftsman within you.

I want you to achieve everything you always wanted to achieve – and more.

If you’ve ever wanted to accomplish more, be more in control of your life, start your own business, do more superb work, sell more jobs, make more money, have better relationships, and generally be someone everyone looks up to, . . .

. . . Then this book is for you.  It’s the training ground for all of the above.

And I’m willing to bet you $12 that this text can make a difference.  Read on. . .

Chapter Excerpts


Commitment is making a decision and then acting as though that decision is law. Having commitment means that when you make a decision to do something, you act as though it must be done, no matter what obstacles come your way. Commitment is very hard without self-discipline.

Do you want to learn a new skill or ability, but think you don’t have time?

Do you start many projects but never finish them?

Do you get discouraged because your finished product is not of the quality you envisioned?

Do you want to improve your life by starting your own business but “don’t have the time” to do that either?

Do you want to quit your job and be your own boss, but you don’t think you have the money to do it?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, this program can help you.

This program, above all, is designed to exercise your self- discipline. It is meant to challenge you to take control and be the master of your attitude, your time, your body, your money, and your life. The purpose is to help you see how small quality efforts can yield big, noticeable results. It is meant to encourage you to acquire and use determination. It is a program encouraging you to take action, to help you see that your actions have immediate, lasting and important results.

It is meant to change your life.

But this program is only for 30 days.

Creating a Craftsman is based on you spending 30 days doing things that can make a noticeable impact on your life. But after that 30 days, it is up to you. It is up to you to feel the drive inside yourself – the drive to make yourself, your life, and your circumstances better for the rest of your life. This book is a plan, and a very temporary one at that. After that, it’s your life to create and craft as you will.

Let’s get after it.

Chapter 1

. . . .  But it doesn’t matter what comes up. You must be relentless.

This part of the Creating a Craftsman program is especially crucial for those who want to start their own business. If you are one of those people, let me ask you a few quick questions:

In your small business, if you contract to produce a certain item by a certain date, who is responsible for making sure it is done?

You are.

In your small business, if emergencies pop up in the middle of the time in which you are to complete your contracted work, who is going to complete the work AND take care of the emergency?

You are.

In your small business, if you need to reach a goal by a certain date and your girlfriend whines because “all you do is work, work, work,” and never spend time with her, how will you reach your deadline?

You will just do it.

That is the nature of being self-employed – unless you want to fail at business.


Chapter 8

Seeing Eye to Eye

Imagine this:

You are a shop owner manning a small variety store. A young man wearing a baseball cap, sweatshirt and jeans walks into your store. You say hello to him. He kind of acknowledges you, but never really looks directly at you He wanders around your store. Occasionally, he stops and picks up something. He looks at it for a moment and then replaces it.

From a comfortable distance, you ask him, “Can I help you find something?”

He doesn’t even look up at you. He mumbles something you can’t understand.

You keep an eye on him. Occasionally, he looks quickly your way, but never really engages eye contact with you. You see him look out the front shop windows from time to time.

Eventually, he chooses something and walks up to where you are at the cash register. He sets a candy bar on the counter. He puts his hands in his sweatshirt pockets while you ring it up.

You ask him, as friendly as you can, “Do you want something to drink to go with that?” You look at him carefully.

He quickly glances up at you, then looks away and says, “No. . . . thanks.” He looks down at the counter.

You tell him his total.

He reaches into his jeans pocket and pulls out. . . .

Chapter I2

Experience the Power of Experience

A craftsman exhibits six major qualities. The entire purpose of this book and the 30 day Creating a Craftsman program is to tune you into those qualities. You become a craftsman by embodying these characteristics and applying them to, not only your work, but your life.

A craftsman is always completing projects. That’s the first quality and exercises #1 and #2 are geared specifically to that. A craftsman has self-discipline; this is practiced in several of the exercises – especially numbers 3-9 – because it is so crucial. A craftsman is always trying to better his circumstances, his performance, and his projects. His whole life is dedicated to building, making things, and making things better – for himself, his family, and his customers or employer. Every single exercise works on that. Finally, any craftsman exhibits his vast experience and builds with quality. It takes a great deal of time to gain enough experience to claim that you are truly experienced at anything. But most of us know right away whether we are experienced at something or not And the craftsman understands and seeks quality; he builds and lives with quality.

This last exercise is to reinforce for you the power of experience and how experience and quality mesh together. It is said that anything worth doing is worth doing right. Doing something right means doing it with quality. For most endeavors, doing it right requires either experience or a whole lot of extra time. Fortunately, “a whole lot of extra time” IS experience.

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What are readers saying about Creating A Craftsman?

Ken has a way of being powerful and yet calming and supportive. He’s motivating and through his words and wisdom I am making a commitment to follow through with one of my many ideas. He describes the steps on how to take your project or goal to completion with integrity and an artistic flare. Maybe you are like me and have that nagging feeling that you are not leaving your mark behind or could be doing better? Pick up Ken’s book for motivation and a guideline on how to be a craftsman of your own life.   Barbara Pederson

I'm so glad I ordered this book. The simple steps really get me tuned up for doing more with my work and my whole life. Every chapter is useful and practical.       Joseph Monroe

This book gets right to the heart of how to become more disciplined and in control of your life. Best twelve bucks I've spent in a while.       Dietrich Sykes

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About Ken Matesz

Ken Matesz is a practitioner of the lost arts of timber framing and masonry heater building.  He is also an author.  His first book was Masonry Heaters: Designing, Building and Living with a Piece of the Sun, published by Chelsea Green Publishing Company in 2010.  It is the most comprehensive and complete book about masonry heaters in the United States today.

Now, Mr. Matesz wants to show others how to recover yet another lost art: craftsmanship.  With Creating A Craftsman, Ken concisely and diligently shows readers how to be the quintessential craftsman.  It used to be that those who built anything, from homes and furniture to pots and clothes, were not just experts at what they did, but exuded an air of professionalism, generous accomplishment, great productivity, neatness, and care that is not often seen anymore.  Creating A Craftsman is the book to go to for unleashing these qualities inherent in every aspiring creator.

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If you diligently and honestly work at the Creating A Craftsman program as it is outlined in this book and aren’t satisfied that it makes a positive difference in how you think, feel, or act, just let me know within 45 days of purchase and I will refund your purchase price 100% and you can keep the book, no further questions asked.  Just remember, the book doesn’t do the work for you.  If your heart is not in it, it is not the fault of the text!  Do the work.  Put in the effort.  Give it the full 30 days.  If you can honestly say it has not helped you, taught you, or given you a new perspective, by all means you deserve your money back!